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Name: Akshita
Age: 25
Sizes: 30-34-36
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5' 6
Origin: Mumbai, India
Languages: Hindi, English
Location: Dubai, AJman

About Me

Hello..! Thank you for visiting my profile among many young escorts on the website. I know that you are looking for something special, wild, dirty, and very erotic. I will offer you everything you want from me. I am the hottest housewife escort in Kr Puram. Perhaps, you would have fantasies about many housewives in your neighborhood, but I am way sexier than them. My curves- 30-34-36 will make you go wild. You cannot resist yourself going wild if once you see me naked. I have a good height 5’6, very beautiful face, fair skin, long black hair, seductive eyes, and juicy lips. It has not been a long time since I have been working as a model escort in Dubai. I want to learn a lot of things from you. Please hire me so that I can become a professional Dubai escorts.


I like to spend time with strangers more than anything. By the way, we will have lots of things to do in UAE like we can have dinner at a luxury restaurant, party in the night-club, or explore the beautiful places in Dubai.

Housewife Escort Service in Dubai

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