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Name: Aashna
Age: 22
Sizes: 28-32-33
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5' 6
Origin: Delhi, India
Languages: Hindi, English
Location: Dubai, Abu Dhabi

About Me

Hi there, my name is Aashna! I am here to provide the escort service. I work with a reliable agency, so I am one of the most awaited escort girls in Dubai UAE. Apparently, you are looking for an escort girl, so why don't you hire me? I am beautiful, slender, attractive- 28-32-33, and tall- 5’6. I am only 22 years old but a professional escort girl in Bur Dubai. If seen in a way, so an escort girl's job is only to have sex or accompany her clients. But I am way more talented than you think. I can meet those desires which you cannot expect from an ordinary escort girl. I am always excited to meet you. Meet me soon so I could bring new surprises in your life.


I have not been to escort my clients for a few days. So, I am quite excited to meet you guys. I would like to do all those things with you, which I always do with my clients. I want to party, travel, have fun, hang out, and go on a romantic date with you.

My Service will be an Unforgettable Experience for you

If once you get my service, you will never approach another escort girl in Jaya Nagar. My service is very entertaining. You cannot expect to fulfill the desires which I would love to fulfill for you. If you want to know what Dubai escorts service is, then hire a genuine escort instead of cheap sex workers. The girl should be someone with whom you feel connected. I suit your desires if you want a girlfriend experience more than spending time with an escort girl. I promise you would not get disappointed. You will even fall in love with me because I am a woman of all kinds of men. Maybe you are checking out my photos, but you can’t enjoy my beauty from these photos. Let's meet so that I can show you the real me!